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Top 10 Assessment Centre tips

Top 10 Assessment Centre tips

  1. If you think you’ve messed up in one activity or task, don’t give up. it doesn’t mean you’ve failed the whole thing, so don’t quit.
  2. Make sure you are being clear in what you are thinking– in both written and interactive exercises. If you keep your rationale and logic to yourself your assessors won’t be able to give you credit for it.
  3. Before you attend, make sure you understand what is important to the organisation. Check out their values and mission statement- know the sort of company you are applying to work for so you can make sure your ethos is a good match.
  4. Take your time; don’t rush into any of your exercises without sketching out a plan of attack first. You need to know what your objectives are if you want to stand any chance of meeting them.
  5. Don’t talk to other candidates in between exercises about what they thought or what they did– it’s always off-putting and there isn’t any ONE right way of completing these tasks anyway.
  6. Ignore the assessors– they will try to be as unobtrusive as possible but you should also try to forget they are there. At this stage, they are just writing notes on what you say and do.
  7. Make sure you complete what the task asks of you; for instance, if you are requested to complete a business case with pros, cons and recommendations make sure you don’t leave any of those things out.
  8. At the end of meetings, make sure you summarise what has been agreed and have confirmed a clear way forward; it’s easy to leave a meeting having gone round in circles and made no progress.
  9. Don’t try to pretend to be something you aren’t. The organisation is testing you to see if you are a good fit for them but this works both ways. You wouldn’t last long in a job which you are completely wrong for, so be yourself so you don’t waste your own time as much as theirs.
  10. If you aren’t sure what the assessors are looking for in any exercise, go back to the instructions you’ve been given, the clues will be there. For instance, if you are asked to produce a plan, it’s reasonable to assume they want to see how well you can identify priorities, put some sequences of steps in place and make sure they are going to be implemented efficiently.


Application form

Application form

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