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What makes us the best?

Pass Your can helpWe are experts in providing professional support to individuals undertaking job related assessments. Our team is made up of Organisational/ Occupational Psychologists and Human Resources professionals. If anyone is going to understand what makes an organisation tick and what you need to do to succeed – it’s us

The way you will be tested for your new job will be more sophisticated than you will expect.

A few years ago no one had heard of an Assessment Centre or a psychometric test. When you went for an interview you knew what to expect.

Nowadays, companies have had to get smart about how to make the right hiring decisions. That’s why they have introduced all these different types of job assessment. We are here to help you get smart too and make these tests work to your advantage.

We can do this because we have years of experience of designing these tests. So it stands to reason that we also know exactly what you need to do to get the best out of them.


Why our services stand out a mile

Unlike most other websites and agencies, we don’t just focus on the tests; we focus on YOU. We can improve your performance whether you simply invest in one of our proven workbooks or whether you choose to be coached by us one to one.

Remember, whether you get your next job is NOT all about your knowledge and experience. That will only get you so far.

Your technical or role specific suitability will be judged by the qualifications, knowledge and experiences you describe in your application form. Providing you have met the core criteria for the job you will be invited to the next stage of the assessment. It is within this assessment that assessors will determine how well your personal skills and qualities match what the organisation has decided it requires.

It is essential that you know how to maximise your performance in this area

Learning about the tests is important

BUT it is only one part. It’s the part most of our competitors focus on.

Getting a good insight into what is expected of you will improve your confidence and steer you away from the basic mistakes most applicants will make. But you also HAVE TO understand more about who you are, what you do well and what you struggle with.

You may have completed psychometric or personality tests in the past which have given you some idea, but the problem is, these tests aren’t based on competencies and the assessments you will face ARE.

You need to make sure you are getting the right information relevant to YOUR assessment, not just any information which seems technical but isn’t actually relevant. We know what you will be measured against and give you the tools to excel specifically in those areas.


Why should you try Pass Your?

Why should you try Pass Your?

No one likes the idea of being assessed for a new job and these type of tests add an extra level of pressure. We understand how unsettling it is to face an assessment you don’t know much about. In your career you may only face an interview perhaps e...