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Who does Pass Your help?

Pass Your can helpBeing long overdue our next career move can be frustrating, especially when people around us are making leaps forward.

Is it that they are better qualified or more experienced than you? Not always. In many cases, they have simply figured out how to get a head start when it comes to impressing their new bosses.

Our advanced strategies will help you secure your new job.

We can help you if your next career move is:

  • Graduate
  • Managerial
  • Professional
  • Executive

Our unique approach will make sure you pass these selection tests/ assessments:

  • Selection tests for a new job in a different company;
  • Selection tests in your own organisation to gain a promotion;
  • Assessment tests in your own organisation to determine your suitability for promotion, further role development, job reassignment or to avoid redundancy.

We can help you Pass Your:

What you need to know about these type of tests?

The types of exercises organisations are using with increasing frequency are collectively known as Simulation Exercises. They ‘simulate’ key elements of the role you have applied for. These ‘mock’ tasks will be similar in some way to parts of your new job. Your performance is being tested to see how well you can do in a ‘mock’ environment so your potential employers can predict how well you will perform in the actual job.

Why are these tests now being used?

  • The results are more reliable and relevant. If you are tested in a very practical or ‘hands-on’ way and compared to what is actually required for the job, the organisation has a better chance of selecting the right person (rather than relying on what you say in your application form or interview). ‘Showing’ what you can do is far better than simply ‘saying’ it.
  • These sorts of tests provide defensible evidence which protects the organisation from dispute. If a candidate is not happy with the outcome of their application, this type of assessment provides proof to back it up i.e. ‘we tested you against specific relevant criteria using scientifically tested, objective methods’ rather than the much less legally defensible ‘the interviewers did or didn’t like what you were saying based on their subjective opinion’.

So where does this leave you?

Without our help you will probably be:

  • Unclear what to expect from these type of tests.
  • At a disadvantage compared to people who have been through similar tests before who have had feedback to help them improve their performance.
  • Unsure how to properly maximise your performance and excel in these type of assessments.

What makes us the best?

What makes us the best?

We are experts in providing professional support to individuals undertaking job related assessments. Our team is made up of Organisational/ Occupational Psychologists and Human Resources professionals. If anyone is going to understand what makes an organisation...